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We are a bunch of performance driven PPC fans ready to execute the most ambitious marketing plan you have ever had. Always hungry for growth. Strong focus on scaling SaaS and B2B tech companies. 

We take full ownership of our actions and responsibility for any mistakes.
Open communication - we are ready to support you in weekly meetings and Slack.
We are fully transparent - you will see every action we take and numbers we have

Pavels Mordivcevs

Founder / PPC expert

This guy has a crush for growth hacking and PPC advertising. He spent years finding and testing marketing strategies that work for SaaS businesses.

He starts his day with a cold shower, a delicious breakfast made by his wife and a cup of very good coffee – a secret formula for optimizing PPC accounts all day long.

Hobbies: Magic Mike dancing, beach volleyball, skiing, traveling and doing crazy things in nature (like jumping in waterfalls, for example). Sometimes – cold ice swimming (because he comes from a far away land where temperatures can reach -20 C – people do that stuff here).

Pavels gained his experience working for one of the leading visual content and presentation brands. He created his own agency and helped dozens of SaaS and B2B tech clients to grow and scale.

Davis Timofejevs

SaaS PPC Expert

Davis is crazy when it comes to researching and analyzing data. His ability to dive deep into figures and find weak points has become a strong tool. Needless to say – you are going to deal with the future scientist.

Davis loves to spend his free time fishing. Since he was 4 years old, a fishing pole became an extension of his arm. Also he really enjoys cooking with his family. Every Saturday Davis has a cooking evening with his fiancee. Being a movie guy he can’t go a day without watching a movie.

Elina Sakne

Human behaviour expert

Elina is great for finding the best people, and for discovering deeply hidden and great talents. She can tell everything about a person just by looking in his eyes. How cool is that? You will have someone, who can fully understand who is the person coming to you. She is a real HR shark with a laser vision for people, employees, users, and website visitors.

Elina loves walking long distances in nature. If you ever need to borrow a professional tent – ask Elina. She also loves cooking super delicious foods and reading improvement books every day.

Work with SaaS marketing experts

A few clients - full attention

You will get your own dedicated PPC expert who is ready to understand your business, help you scale and provide support in every step.


Data driven decisions

All decisions are always based on data. Our tactics and strategies are tested with statistical significance.


Chasing knowledge

We never stop educating, growing and learning. We always innovate and test new ideas – that will become our next strategies.


Chasing knowledge

We never stop educating, growing and learning. We always innovate and test new ideas – that will become our next strategies.

Why Camel Digital?

  • Strong specialization in SaaS industry
  • We will always find solutions even if it gets stressful
  • Proven track record of successful case studies
  • It’s easy and fun working with us
  • We build our relationships on trust
  • We pay full attention to your account
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • Lots of communication

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